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At our core, the PEERS team is working alongside those who are most vulnerable to violence in our community, to improve their safety, increase public understanding and awareness of these issues and support those who desire to leave the sex trade.

Right now, we are in crisis. Our funding has been cut and we have had to close our Drop-in Centre, eliminating a major support for the 450+ women who use our facilities. If you want to help PEERS provide ongoing health and safety supports to vulnerable sex workers on the streets of Victoria (and behind closed doors), please give today.

Through our programs, we ensure tailored supports for healing, education, safety, liaison with the police, crisis response, trauma recovery, addictions resources, housing assistance, and  belonging for all sex workers in our community.  We want all those who work in the sex trade to know they are not alone and that support is available when they are in crisis.


We are here for you when you need support.